Presenting Mental Health Consult for Primary Care

WASHINGTON, DC - For those of you who see patients in a primary care setting, those of you who are unsure of how to provide the best in behavioral and mental health care in that setting, and those of you wondering how you will provide the best collaborative, integrated care under the new value-based care incentives to watch my new series: Mental Health Consult.

It is a lively, informative video round-table series that brings together psychiatrists, primary care physicians, and top health care policy analysts to offer practicing physicians ways to provide effective behavioral and mental health services in the primary care setting.

The expert panel I assembled with help from my co-host, Dr. Lorenzo Norris, discuss actual clinical cases and practice management issues faced by physicians seeking to include mental and behavioral health services in collaborative and value-based care settings as part of the national move away from fee-for-service care.

Join me and Dr. – editorial advisory board member for Clinical Psychiatry News, director of inpatient psychiatric services at George Washington University Hospital, Washington, and assistant dean of student affairs at the university’s medical school – for this series of wide-ranging discussions that explore the roles of evolving mental health legislation, overall payment structures, workforce training, and available evidence-based clinical protocols for mental and behavioral health that are beginning to affect the daily practice of medicine.

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