CAPITOL HILL -- The young woman on the right, Maggie, age 20, is one of the most intriguing young women with mental illness I have encountered. 


At 15, she was at a friend's house having a sleep over. All of a sudden, she says, a switch flipped and her head filled...

NICE, FRANCE -- Unlike the horrid weather of late in the south of France, when my partner and I and his children were there in the late summer of 2013 for a wedding, it was spectacular--sunny, dry, clear.

I remember turning my face up to the sun and closing my eyes...

If only our cities and towns were more bike- and pedestrian-friendly, our health would improve, we'd be more connected to ourselves and our neighbors, and also our communities.

All the better when where we live is designed with our sense of humanity and wonder in mi...

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